Heat exchanger HG-BS_V1-P2Heat exchanger HG-BS_V1-P2_2

A vertical shell block-type apparatus for a single aggressive medium. It is designed for boiling down phosphoric acid obtained in dehydrating/semi-dehydrating and other chemical processes. The main working elements of the apparatus which form the heat exchange surface are rectangular graphite blocks with dimensions 510×1062×1062 mm inside which two systems of nonintersecting channels – vertical and horizontal ones – are provided in two mutually perpendicular directions. In each block there are 300 vertical channels with 37 mm diameter and 375 horizontal channels with 12 mm diameter. The heat exchange surface of one block is 18 m².



of the apparatus

Heat exchange surface, m2 Number of blocks Working pressure,



Working media temperature, °С Outline dimensions
HG-BS/V1-P1-40 40 2 0.7 (7.0) between -30

and +250


HG-BS/V1-P1-70 70 4 Ф1520х5310
HG-BS/V1-P1-100 100 6 Ф1520х6330
HG-BS/V1-P1-150 150 8 Ф1520х7350
HG-BS/V1-P1-200 200 11 Ф1520х8370
HG-BS/V1-P1-250 250 14 Ф1520х9900

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