Heat exchanger HG-BS_V1-1М1Heat exchanger HG-BS_V1-1М1_1The heat exchange surface is formed by cylindrical blocks. Axial and radial channels are provided for working media transition inside the blocks. The aggressive medium is supplied through axial channels and the inert atmosphere is supplied through radial channels. Graphite blocks are enclosed inside a metal housing. It is designed for cooling flushing acids in sulphuric production. The heat exchanger is made of МNG-FF graphite (ТU1915-109-080-2004).





of the apparatus

Heat exchange surface, m2 Number of blocks Working pressure,МPa


Working media temperature, °С Outline dimensions
HG-BS/V1-1М1-90 90 2 0.7 (7.0) between -30and +250


HG-BS/V1-1М1-180 180 4 Ф1230х3630
HG-BS/V1-1М1-270 270 6 Ф1230х4930
HG-BS/V1-1М1-360 360 8 Ф1230х6230
HG-BS/V1-1М1-450 450 10 Ф1230х7530
HG-BS/V1-1М1-540 540 12 Ф1230х8830

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