Heat exchanger HG-BS_V1-1L1Heat exchanger HG-BS_V1-1L12The heat exchange surface is formed by cylindrical blocks. Axial and radial channels as well as the central distributing channel are provided for working media transition inside the blocks. The aggressive medium is supplied into the block’s vertical channels through graphite timing covers. The neutral medium is supplied into the housing and horizontal channels of the block where by means of diaphragms installed in the central void a multiple pass network is created for the movement of neutral medium. A one way apparatus is used for the aggressive medium and a multiple way one is used for the inert atmosphere. Graphite blocks are enclosed inside a metal housing.


Main parameters of shell block-type heat exchangers HG-BS/V1-1L1


Conventional designation (example):


HG      –heat exchanger, graphite

BS       – block-type shell

V1       – vertical type, one way

1L1     – type of block

24        – heat exchange surface, m2



of the apparatus

Engineering documentation set index Heat exchange surface, m2 Working pressure,



Calculated pressure,



Working media temperature, °С Calculated pressure, °С Max. weight, kg
HG-BS/V1-1L1-16 15.0001 16 0.7 (7.0) 0.8


between -30


and +250


270 1820
HG-BS/V1-1L1-24 15.0001-01 24 2339
HG-BS/V1-1L1-32 15.0001-02 32 2858
HG-BS/V1-1L1-40 15.0001-03 40 3376
HG-BS/V1-1L1-48 15.0001-04 48 3894
HG-BS/V1-1L1-56 15.0001-05 56 4412

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