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Spray coolers

It is designed to cool down aggressive acid media with water. The apparatus is composed of two segments suspended at both sides of the supporting metal frame. The apparatus are produced with 3.6 and 9 meter long segments. Depending on its length a segment consists of one, two or three cogged elements. The element represents a graphite-reinforced plastic plate with a 114 mm outside diameter, a 90 mm inside diameter and 3 000 mm long. Flanges or reducing elbows are fixed to the sides of the plate using putty. The segments are supported on vertical metal posts of the frame using special racks and are connected with each other using gaskets, by means of reducing elbows and tension rods. Such a suspension enables to replace any segment without dismantling the rest. Metal spraying nozzles are installed above each row of segments. The aggressive medium (acid) consequently flows across segment pipes. The outer pipe surface is sprayed with water.

The heat exchangers are delivered disassembled: the segments are packaged separately from the frame. Main outline and connecting dimensions of the apparatus are presented in fig. 1, 2, 3 and table 1.

The apparatus is assembled at installation site by the consumer.

Heat exchangers whose heat exchange surfaces differ from those specified in table *** are delivered without any metal frame by agreement with the manufacturer.



Heat exchange surface, m2                             – between 27.2 and 102.0

Length of a segment, m                              -3; 6 and 9

Acceptable maximum working pressure, МPа (kgf/cm2): 0.3 (3.0)

Acceptable maximum working temperature,0С:                1200С

Working temperature depends on the aggressive medium characteristics.


Conventional apparatus designation with a 3 m length and a 34 m2surface.

HG-03-34, where:

HG- heat exchanger, graphite

S- spray

3- segment’s length is 3 m

34- heat exchange surfaceis 34 m2.

Conventional designation of a heat exchanger Heat exchange surface,m2 Number of segments Dimensions,mm Graphite-reinforced plastics weight,kg
Fin Fout in a row in total h H
HG-S/3-27.2 27.2 33.6 16 32 2445 3220 1005
HG-S/3-34.0 34.0 43.0 20 40 3097 3870 1258
HG-S/6-54.4 54.4 67.2 16 32 2445 3225 1763
HG-S/6-68.0 68.0 86.0 20 40 3097 3870 2206
HG-S/9-81.6 81.6 100.8 16 32 2445 3220 2573
HG-S/9-102.0 102.0 114.0 20 40 3097 3870 3218

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