Graphite absorbers

Columnar apparatus

Graphite heat exchangers

Advantages of CJSC ROSGRAPHITE group

1) CJSC ROSGRAPHITE Group is a Russian Federation resident located in the industrial center of Russia. It has strong cooperative relationships with different state special and specialized design institutes. The group carries out research and development. It also designs new equipment for particular projects;

2) Our enterprise has unique technologies all owing to enhance equipment’s efficiency, minimize maintenance and increase the service life of apparatus:

-Tube bundles can be manufactured as dismountable;

-Maximum pressure of the shell-type unit apparatus is 1 МPа;

-Operating temperature of graphite apparatus is between -30 and +250 °С (depending on the aggressive medium);

-Sealing expanded polytetrafluoroethylene is used as packing material;

-Tube scan be attached to the tube sheets using special gaskets and rings rather than glue which results in improved equalizing during hydraulic impacts and differential pressure in the systems;

-The arrangement of heat exchangers allow searching high turbulence while maintaining small dimensions.

3) In order to fulfill customer’s requirements completely both outline and connection dimensions of any chose equipment can be modified. In case when it is necessary to in crease the equipment’s wear resistance the internal part is modified without changing standard outline dimensions which eliminates the concept of “standardization” itself with respect to equipment produced by CJSC ROSGRAPHITE Group;

4) The industrial spaces allow to manufacture tens of heat exchanging equipment units simultaneously.

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